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CUSTOM Provisioning


Having to grocery shop after so many hours of traveling. Now imagine NOT having to grocery shop after so many hours of traveling. Spending more time on your vacation with your family & friends, Avoiding impulsive buys (especially with the kids around). Having someone to do your shopping for you.

How it works...

1. You send me your grocery list via email or whatsapp (see next page).

2. Together we arrange a date, time, and place for delivery.

3. We charge your Visa/MC the total and fees.

4. I deliver groceries to the prearranged delivery details.

Service Fees...

Grocery total up to $250 = $50

Grocery total $250-$500 = $75 Grocery total over $500 = 15% of total

*Same fees applies for Liquor Stores

*Fee includes shopping, delivery, & mileage.

*Unpacking and organizing is an additional $15 fee (COST OF GOODS NOT INCLUDED IN FEES)


For more information
Call or Whatsapp Quinell: 1-242-551-0818 | 1-305-780-6811

Email Quinell:

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